Highly liquid utility token with price rise mechanics implemented, secured by the growing active audience worldwide

PreSale is over. 2213 ETH has been raised. CrowdSale starts on March 20, 2018.
PrivateSale is now OPEN!
15 000 users have already got whitelisted and await token sales start.
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Het DateCoin team is aan het praten over de vooruitzichten voor DateCoin ontwikkeling en de toekomst van on-line dating industrie
CrowdSale starts in
Soft cap: $4 000 000 | Hard cap: $20 000 000
Total number of tokens for CrowdSale: 290 769 231 DTC
CrowdSale token exchange rate: 1 DTC = 0.00025 ETH
Aantal DTC inclusief korting Korting op de CrowdSale basisprijs Kosten per 1 DTC
5 700 000 25% 0,0001875
11 400 000 20% 0,0002
17 100 000 15% 0,0002125
22 800 000 10% 0,000225
28 500 000 5% 0,0002375
85 500 000 0% 0,00025
Wat is DateCoin?
DateCoin is a token designed for the new international dating service, next generation of a successful product Denim. It features reliable growth mechanics based on global expansion strategy to enter new markets and increase the audience.
  1. DateCoin is the world's first token secured with working business model and growing audience of MVP, dating service Denim
  2. We use blockchain to tackle the core problem of dating industry, user identification and verification.
    No more fake accounts and bots.
  3. Our project blends artificial intelligence with neural networks for innovative dating experience.
  4. Our project is backed by highly profitable business, vast experience in dating, marketing and web design.
Key indicators
80-120% jaarlijks
De winstgevenheid van het werkende bedrijf
5 years experience
in de dating industrie
meer dan 700.000 gebruikers
Publiek op dit moment
19 miljoen gebruikers
over 3 jaar
All ICO participants will get service free trial access Denim
Industrie-problemen die we oplossen
Low efficiency in finding a matching partner. The user wastes a bunch of time looking through boring profiles
Nepfoto's en accounts van niet-bestaande dames, onbetrouwbare persoonlijke informatie
Verborgen abonnementen en betalingen die geld onttrekken van gebruikerskaarten
Zwakke cyberveiligheid van de diensten, vertrouwelijke gegevens die lekken als gevolg van succesvolle hacking-aanvallen
DateCoin creëert een nieuwe realiteit van online dating, door het combineren van geavanceerde en bewezen technologieën en vruchtbare dating ervaring.
Hebt u vragen? Stel ze in ons Telegram kanaal.
Of neem contact met ons via e-mail info@datecoin.io
DTC token growth factors
Last year total revenue of Denim amounted to $ 2.5M. After token generation event, all in-app services will be priced in DTC (special offer compared to the regular price). Thus, the token will be in high demand secured with millions of users and backed by the growing audience and entering new markets.
Highly liquid
Utility token
Use token for in-app purchases or sell it to millions of users worldwide.
Regulatory compliance guaranteed. Minimal risks for owners and investors.
Integrated price rise mechanism
Price rise is backed by the high demand among the users worldwide
Blockchain use
Users verification and enhanced security with blockchain
DTC token demand
Number of users
DTC token price
Tokens volume
All the data is for information only and is not a public offer
All ICO participants will get service free trial access Denim
In-app token usage mechanics
DTC tokens will be used for in-app discounted purchases. All the prices will be nominated in two currencies: 1-fiat currency (EUR,USD, etc) 2-DTC tokens. The latter are Ethereum-based tokens with fluctuating market price
Standard services
Token holders will get up to
50% off for regular services
Crypto Exchange
Exclusive services
In particular, users verification on blockchain, videochats, etc are available for DTC only
Price formation example Price in $ Price in tokens equivalent in $ Price in tokens (CrowdSale exchange rate applied) Benefits
Premium Access for 2 weeks
32 USD 22.4 USD 80 DTC 25%
Access to girls selphie-videos
Unavailable 17.5 USD 60 DTC For token holders only
All the services available for tokens see in Witboek
*Exchange rates 1 DTC = 0.00025 ETH, 1 ETH = 500 USD are used for model calculation
Token burn mechanics
When you activate the feature bought for DTC, all the tokens spent are burnt via smart contract. This mechanics reduces the number of tokens in circulation and token market price rises. That is how our investors can earn. The more popular our service is, the higher the demand for tokens from the growing audience.
When purchasing additional features, the user who is not a token holder will be redirected to the page with the list of exchanges selling DTC
To start with, we plan to enter the following market exchanges:
All ICO participants will get service free trial access Denim
DateCoin is een dating service die gebruikmaakt van neurale netwerken en kunstmatig intelligente algoritmen voor vruchtbaar en veilig daten over de hele wereld.
Intelligente partner selectie gebaseerd op neurale netwerken en gezichtsherkenningtechnologie van favoriete gebruikers
End-to-end encryptie van gebruikersdata en interne chats voor maximale cyberveiligheid
Intelligent verificatiesysteem van de gebruikers gebaseerd op beeldherkenning om het probleem van nepprofielen op te lossen
Use blockchain for users identification
Semantische en morfologische algorithme-analyse van dialogen zal helpen om de meest relevante selectie te bepalen van vrouwelijk publiek op basis van de smaak en de interesses van de mannelijke gebruikers
What is so special about our ICO compared to other 95% of ICOs?
Regular ICO CashFlow
Token emission
DateCoin ICO CashFlow
Token emission
The lack of Operation Cash Flow is the key problem for 95% of projects. At some point, regardless the funds raised and allocated, it will be over. As a result, there is no way to further invest in product support and development. According to insiders, that is the problem, even the big projects have faced to. With the high capitalization achieved, cash flow is zero. As a result, the only way to survive is to launch another ICO or additional token emission. To sum up, for the project to be successful it needs cash flow and DateCoin has one. Minimize
What is the secret of the DTC token price rise after ICO is over?
To increase token price rise high demand from new investors is required after ICO is over. Otherwise, the price drop is inevitable.
The second key problem of 95% of all the projects is the lack of interest among the new users (investors)
This problem does not exist for DateCoin
Our business model has already proven its efficiency for both technologies employed and large audience of Denim (700K+ users). DTC token is secured with the demand from existing users. Other resources it will be backed by include new users (to be attracted according to expansion plan) and side investors. We plan to attract up to 20M active users in 4 years. App mechanics is designed in such a way that for all in-app purchases for tokens special offers are available. Moreover, some exclusive features will be available for tokens only. Thus, the users will get benefits from purchasing additional features for tokens resulting in its high demand at market exchange.
DateCoin popularizes blockchain via communication, fundamental human need. Minimize
Why is our token Ethereum-based? What is the reason to not nominate it in USD?
DTC is Ethereum-based token. That's why, if you already have ETH you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • You get the same ammount of tokens for 1 ETH at any given momemt regardless ETH/USD exchange rate
  • DTC token price rises with ETH exchange rate increase
  • If ETH exchange rate increases two-fold, the token doubles. Thus, your assets will increase four-fold
For example:
  • You have 1 ETH
  • You bought DTC at exchange rate 1ETH=1000USD, paid 0.00025 ETH per token and got 4000DTC
  • ETH exchange rate changed by 2000 USD
  • Even if the token price is the same (1DTC=0.00025ETH), you can sell your 4000 DTC for 0.0001 ETH/token and get 1 ETH that is already equivalent to 2000 USD.
  • If the token price doubled, and now 1DTC= 0.0005 ETH, you can get $4K
Conclusion: with dateCoin investment you don't quit ETH (one of the most popular cryptocurrencies) Minimize
What is so special about DateCoin compared to other dating services?
Assessment criteria DateCoin Denim Other services
Search speed • • • • • • • • • • •
Time efficiency • • • • • • • • • •
Security • • • • • • • • •
Accounts verification • • • • • • • •
Cryptocurrencies acceptance + + + —
DateCoin is going to be the dating service that differs favorably from all existing analogues. The founders aim to employ cutting-edge technologies for intelligent dating with your soulmate or at least with the person with the similar interests.
What we are talking about are artificial intelligence and big data processing. That is AI to complete all dirty job for the users: analyze users preferences, contact history etc, and provide a pool of the best matching partners for serious relationship rather than silly chatting.
Blockchain is used to create a trustful environment and to solve user identification and verification problems. Distributed data technology ensures authenticity of each verified account. As a result, our users can simply forget about fake accounts and bots. Minimize
Afgelopen evenementen
Project development plan
Ons model heeft zijn effectiviteit bewezen en nu zijn we klaar om een wereldklasse product te creëren en promoten.
Bij de keuze van prioriteitsmarkten, vertrouwen we hoofdzakelijk op analytische gegevens: de omvang van de markt en vooruitzichten, de omvang van het publiek en kredietwaardigheid, het aantal internetgebruikers, werkende sociale netwerken, dating diensten, enz.
The total volume of the global online dating market is approaching
$ 5 miljard
Average Annual Growth Rate
Audience Growth Rate
  1. Rusland
  2. Duitsland
  3. Spanje
  4. Italië
  5. Verenigd Koninkrijk
  6. Zuid-Korea
  7. Brazilië
  8. Frankrijk
  9. Verenigde Staten
  10. Argentinië
  11. China
  12. Noorwegen
  1. Zweden
  2. Singapore
  3. Canada
  4. Nederland
  5. Portugal
  6. Australië
  7. Mexico
  8. Polen
  9. België
  10. Oostenrijk
  11. Tsjechische Republiek
  12. De hele wereld
All ICO participants will get service free trial access Denim
Token genereringsevent
TOKEN SALE: MAR 20 - MAY 20, 2018 (GMT+3)
Maximum amount of tokens to be issued: 290 769 231 DTC
DateCoin tokens for sale: 189 000 000 DTC
Token: DTC
Token type: ERC 20
Soft Cap: $ 4 000 000
Hard Cap: $ 20 000 000
Price per 1 token: From 0.0001875 ETH to 0.00025 ETH
(discount will decrease with increase in funds raised)
Minimum contribution: 0.1 ETH
Know Your Customer (KYC): Not necessary
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (BTC) / Ethereum (ETH)
Total number of tokens is calculated based on exchange rate: 1 ETH = 500 USD
Total funds raised are estimated based on actual exchange rate (for the day of purchase)
All unsold and unused tokens will be burnt
Volume of bonuses
1-3 BTC
3-5 BTC
>5 BTC
65% Tokens for sale
20% Team and qualified consultants remuneration *
10% Reserve Fund **
4% Marketing and development
1% Bounty campaign
*Tokens for team and qualified consultants remuneration are automatically blocked in smart contract for 1 year
**Tokens allocated for reserve fund are automatically blocked in smart contract for 6 months.
Hebt u vragen? Stel ze in ons Telegram kanaal.
Of neem contact met ons via e-mail info@datecoin.io
Denim webversie lanceren
Denim app lanceren
november 2017
DTC Voorverkoop
March - April 2018
DTC Crowdsale
May 2018
Token open markttoegang
June 2018
Lokalisatie van de dienst in 7 landen
December 2018
Het publiek van de dienst is meer dan 2 miljoen mensen.
March 2019
Integration of blockchain-based verification
May 2019
Lokalisatie van de dienst in 14 landen
Juni 2019
Implementering van bètaversies van syntactische en semantische analyse van dialogen, gezichtsafbeeldingzoeksystemen gebaseerd op gebruikersvoorkeuren
September 2019
Het publiek van de dienst is meer dan 6 miljoen mensen.
December 2019
Eindimplementatie van het afbeeldingophaalsysteem van een persoon gebaseerd op gebruikersvoorkeuren, alsmede technologieën voor syntactische en semantische analyse van dialogen.
Mei 2020
Lokalisatie van de dienst in 23 landen
September 2020
Het publiek van de dienst is meer dan 12 miljoen mensen.
We plan to reach a sustinable profitability by the end of 2019 and expect its significant growth by 2020
Fonds openbaarmaking
Afhankelijk van de omvang van de aangetrokken middelen, plannen we drie scenario's voor projectontwikkeling. In het meest intensieve scenario, zal het publiek van onze applicatie 12 miljoen gebruikers in 23 landen bereiken in 2020. De actieve uitbreiding van het project over de hele wereld vergt aanzienlijke kosten voor marketing en produkt promotie.
Ontwikkeling 27%
IOS Reclame 18%
Android reclame 18%
Mobiele Web Reclame 12%
Web Reclame 6%
Algemene Reclame 6%
Promotie activiteiten 8%
Operationele kosten 3%
Juridische kosten 2%
For more details on funds allocation see Witboek
Ons Team
Het DateCoin team heeft sterke competenties en uitgebreide ervaring in de ontwikkeling van moderne IT-projecten, gebruik van intelligente systemen en UX design, alsmede in succesvolle produktpositionering en verkoop. Vandaag, heeft ons professionele team meer dan 20 medewerkers gekwalificeerd voor internetmarketing, ontwerp en ontwikkeling, kunstmatige intelligentie en big data verwerking, enz
Nikita Anufriev
Oprichter & CEO
Aleksey Sinitsin
Mede-oprichter & directeur Investeringen
Maksim Kozlov
СТО & Hoofd crypto-officier
Elena Platonova
Dmitry Starostin
Oleg Gervalov
PR directeur
Eugene Alferov
Traffic Manager
Dmitry Gritsenko
Jason Yang
Community manager
Mikhail Dubovitckiy
Traffic Manager
+ 20 meer
Onze adviseurs
Simon Choi
Simon Choi is een internationale advocaat, gekwalificeerd in de rechten in Engeland en Wales, en in Hong Kong, China. Simon studeerde af in rechten aan de Universiteit van Peking, de Universiteit van Londen en de Universiteit van Hong Kong respectievelijk. Simon heeft wereldwijd meer dan 10 ICO projecten geadviseerd en draagt bij aan DateCoin door een grondige kennis van internationaal recht, alsmede advisering en beoordelen van nieuwe blockchain reglementen in verschillende jurisdicties. Met meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in internationale handel, investering, financiën, en M&A, is hij een aanwinst voor DateCoin de hoogste graad van nakoming en vasthoudendheid aan alle relevante overheidsbeleid met betrekking tot blockchain technologie.
Dina Vukmanovic
Dina Vukmanovic is an attorney with over 15 years legal experience with emphasis on electronic discovery, information governance, and data privacy. She holds law degrees from UC Davis, CA and Kazan Federal University, Russia, and she is licensed to practice law in both jurisdictions.
Since 2010, as a member of KPMG LLP’s U.S. Forensic practice, Dina has been advising clients on complex litigation and investigation matters involving electronically stored information (ESI). On multiple occasions, she has successfully navigated international privacy law challenges and developed strategies for multi-jurisdictional data management and attorney reviews.
As an active member of the community, Dina serves on the board of Disability Rights Legal Center, a non-profit advocacy organization committed to protecting civil rights of people with disabilities.
Dina’s wealth of experience offers attention to detail, outreach, and analysis in different regions of the world. She provides distinguished leadership, support, and insight to help guide the DateCoin activities.
Ken Tachibana
MBA Finance, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
His passion is brainstorming and integrating impactful ideas on FutureSmartTech, top 1% talents, high performance and creative organizations, and strategic and innovative financing accessing integrated capital markets, i.e., Public/ICO/Venture Funding through Blockchain Infrastructures. Currently Engaged in Cyber Exec Retained Executive Search, focusing on FutureSmartTech
Focused on Impactful and Socially Relevant Business/FutureSmartTech Advisory and ICO, espessially for Top 1%, provide ー Seed and Pre-sales Funding, Global, ICO, Japan ICO, Post ICO and Executive Search etc. Has strong advisor experience in International ICO leading (Extravaganza International (Japan ICO Marketing), Tokyo and Silicon Valley KickICO’s Japan portion and others).
Co-founder of Numerous Influential Silicon Valley Firms.
Greg Limon, Toronto
He has vast experience in business including real estate, hi-tech, medicine, law and many others. Launched two successful ICO (in partnership). Fouder of Canada Capital Group Inc., co-founder of FlyerDrop, MegaMiner, and Planet Partners (consulting). Business partner of the mining farm and the mining equipment seller. He is consulting 10+ ICOs.
Stan Milc, Barcelona
Introduces himself as ideas generator capable of making dreams to come true. Business partner of caviar House and Canada Capital Group Inc.Co-founder of FlyerDrop, MegaMiner, and Planet Partners (consulting). The latter company has the offices in key European capitals, the United States, and Canada. Business partner of mining farm and mining equipment seller. He is consulting 10+ ICOs.
Seul Lee
Vice President of Sales & Marketing of ATARAD.
She is Korean Marketer, has been working as Marketer for years, she is very aware of Korean culture and traditions so she knows the effective way to marketing in Korean Market. Now she provides consulting and marketing services to token projects, helping increase project exposure among Korean Investors. She knows most efficient way to market a token project.
Greg Thain
An experienced entrepreneur, director and investor, I have over 40 years of experience developing, leading and assisting businesses across a variety of sectors and international territories. Greg has worn many hats in my career, with a track record of success in activities including: fundraising; capital markets; mergers and acquisitions; corporate disposals; and corporate due diligence. For the last 25 years, Greg has been active in emerging markets, with a focus on Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). In 1995 I facilitated the first significant international bank loan to a Russian Property developer after the fall of the Soviet Union, in a deal worth $500m. He has extensive knowledge and experience in retail, banking, FMCG, property, e-commerce and manufacturing, having been involved in over 10 public flotations, and more than 30 acquisitions and disposals. Greg has also led several large-scale companies, including four that were publicly-listed, through periods of digital transformation and international expansion, managing relationships between high-level stakeholders to achieve strategic goals.
Gene Massey
Internet. MediaShares is a consulting firm that offers innovative CrowdFinance solutions for marketing online stock offerings. The company specializes in Live Internet Broadcasts, video production, and marketing for issuers, financial firms and conferences. It applies its U.S. Patented methodology, system, and software to help FINRA Brokers and their companies in CrowdFinancing Public Offerings using Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+. MediaShares' methodology helps companies with online fans, customers, and affinity groups raise capital by marketing their shares directly to their massive online communities. Using our system and software in a typical SEC registered public stock offering, both the stock issuer and its FINRA broker have direct contact with their massive online community of shareholders. MediaShares also owns CinemaShares, a company holding an issued U.S. Patent (6,792,411) for CrowdFinancing movies. MediaShares also owns the domains GamesShares, BroadwayShares, RacingShares, CelebrityShares, DerbyShares, and FormulaOneShares for fan-financing many different companies on the Internet. Previously, Gene worked for seven years with Ely Callaway, Chairman of Callaway Golf, creating over four hundred television commercials that introduced and promoted the "Big Bertha" line of golf clubs. During the years that Gene worked with Callaway, their total sales increased from $21 million to $843 million. Specialties: ICO's, Regulation A+, CrowdFinancing, Crowdfunding, Direct Public Offerings, Direct Registration, Video marketing, Live Internet Broadcasts, Affinity Marketing, Startup IPO's
Kate Korolkevich
Kate has close to 20 years of diverse experience in business development and financial services with leading financial institutions in the USA, Russia, UK and selected European countries, global network of contacts and long-term relationships with institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity funds as well as HNWI and business leaders. Kate started her career in finance in 2003 at Rudman Capital Management, one of the first hedge funds, where she covered US equities across variety of industries. Continuing on the sell-side, Kate assumed a number of management positions responsible for global distribution of Russian equities at NY-based broker-dealer Auerbach Grayson to US institutional clientele, hedge funds and private equity funds. Kate was a Director of International Sales and Trading at MDM Bank and Senior VP Equity Sales at Glitnir Securities in Moscow. During these years she participated in a number of IPO, SPO and private placements on both, buy and sell sides, analyzing securities' investment attractiveness and organizing roadshows and selling the securities to institutional clients, globally. Prior to her career in finance, Kate was a part of consulting practice of Deloitte in New York, counting among her clients Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and BIC. Earlier, Kate worked at fast growing US telecom company TelX, where she managed the development of a company-wide billing system and telecom industry specific ERP-system. In 2009, she has founded a NY-based advisory boutique firm Galatea Capital Advisors, LLC, advising companies on business development and cross-border strategic partnerships. Her clients included jewelry brand Marina B, duty free concessionary - HK-based Inflight Sales Group, Moscow-based large scale street retail project, alternative energy company in Sri Lanka, US biotech company. In 2011, Kate took part in organizing and co-sponsored NY Russian Business Investment Summit - independent premier event with focus on Russian economy, US-Russia cooperation and cross-border investments. Over 30 Russian public and private companies and over 250 investors and guests participated in the event that culminated with the closing bell on NYSE. Kate’s current focus is on lifestyle projects in the commercial real estate, fashion, jewelry, wine & spirits, cosmetics and personal care, functional beverages and entertainment. Kate Korolkevich holds MBA in Finance & Operations from Simon 
Business School, University of Rochester, NY, USA and MS & BS in Applied Mathematics from Moscow State University, Russia.
Aleksandr Moiseyev
Позиционирует себя как исследователь и разработчик искусственных нейронных сетей. На протяжении 20+ лет собирал и тщательно анализировал исследования в области человеческого мышления и натуральных нейронных сетей, не отставая при этом от информационных технологий и электроники. Александр имеет богатый опыт решения сложных задач в области анализа большого количества данных с применением новейших и собственных разработок. Своей сильной стороной считает понимание проблем и потребностей реального бизнеса, что позволяет ему трезво применять решения на базе искусственного интеллекта в ключевых местах бизнеса.