DateCoin is the world's first dating service that uses neural networks and artificial intelligent algorithms based on working business model with clear buyback on blockchain

Current price: 1 DTC=0.0000875 ETH
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PreSale launches November 29, 2017.
ICO base token price
1 DTC= 0.00025 ETH
PreICO base discount
1 DTC=0.000175 ETH
Discount from the PreSale base price
Cost per 1 DTC
Volume of DTC including discount
0,0000875 ETH
6 000 000
0,00011375 ETH
5 000 000
0,00014875 ETH
4 000 000
0,000175 ETH
3 000 000
Crowdsale March 2018
Discount from the Сrowdsale base price
Cost per 1 DTC
Volume of DTC including discount
0,0001875 ETH
12 000 000
0,0002 ETH
30 000 000
0,0002125 ETH
50 000 000
0,0002375 ETH
90 000 000
0,00025 ETH
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What is DateCoin?
DateCoin is the next step in development of successful project, launched in 2015. Its predecessor, dating service Denim, is today’s market leader of pragmatic dating in Russia, with the fast-growing audience and high average revenue per user
  1. We are creating a world-class product that differs favorably from all existing dating services.
  2. DateCoin project is implemented by professional team experienced in launching of profitable dating service.
  3. DateCoin is the synergy of artificial intelligence and effective business modeling for pragmatic dating service.
  4. DateCoin Tokens (DTC) is the key to the best girls all over the world under special conditions.
  5. DTC buyback algorithm turns a token into clear and convenient investment tool.
Our achievements and goals
Profitability of working business
5 years experience
In dating industry
over 500 000 users
Audience at the moment
19 million
Target audience in 4 years
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Check it out yourself
Just install our Denim app and enjoy all the features of a truly effective dating!
  • Only spectacular girls looking for a successful man compete with each other.
  • Mandatory photos verification and strict screening of girls.
  • The shortest time from the moment you sign in the app to the real dating with the favorable girl.
  • No fake profiles and bots. We promise!
  • Sign up - payment - broadcast - result.
Available on Android and iOS
Our project Denim has been featured in
These girls dream of a prince and are looking for him on Denim. After the DateCoin ICO there will be much more of them!
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Industry problems that we solve
Low efficiency in finding a matching partner. The user wastes a bunch of time looking through boring profiles
Fake photos and accounts of non-existing girls, unreliable personal information
Hidden subscriptions and payments that drain the money from users cards
Weak cybersecurity of the services, confidential data leaks due to successful hacking attacks
DateCoin creates a new reality of online dating, combining advanced, proven technologies and fruitful dating experience
DateCoin is a dating service that employs neural networks and artificial intelligent algorithms for fruitful and safe dating all over the world.
Intelligent partner selection based on neural networks and face recognition technology of the favorite users
End-to-end encryption of the users data and internal chats for maximal cybersecurity
Intellectual verification system of the users based on image recognition to fix the problem of fake profiles
The use of blockchain to raise funds and, implement a clear sales algorithm of the token buyback
Algorithms of semantic and morphological analysis of dialogues will help to determine the most relevant selection of female audience based on the tastes and interests of the male users
Our model has proven its effectiveness and now we are ready to create and promote a world-class product.
We use blockchain to get funding for project development and to implement clear sales algorithm of token buyback
When choosing priority markets, we primarily rely on analytical data: the market size and prospects, the audience size and creditworthiness , the number of internet users, working social networks, dating services, etc.
The total volume of the global online dating market is approaching
$ 5 billion
with a projected growth
up to $6 billion in 2021.
Under these conditions, we will create a world-class product that differs favorably from all existing dating services.
The strategy to reach the audience in different countries
  1. Russia
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. Italy
  5. United Kingdom
  6. South Korea
  7. Brazil
  8. France
  9. USA
  10. Argentina
  11. China
  12. Norway
  1. Sweden
  2. Singapore
  3. Canada
  4. Netherlands
  5. Portugal
  6. Australia
  7. Mexico
  8. Poland
  9. Belgium
  10. Austria
  11. Czech Republic
  12. The whole world
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Development plan
October 2015
Launch of web-app version of Denim
February 2016
Launch of Denim application
November 2017
PreSale DTC
March 2018
Crowdsale DTC
June 2018
Localization of the service in 7 countries
December 2018
The audience of the service is more than 2 million people.
May 2019
Localization of service in 14 countries
June 2019
Implementing beta versions of syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogs, face image search systems based on users preferences
September 2019
The audience of the service is more than 6 million people.
December 2019
Final implementation of the image retrieval system of a person based on users preferences, as well as technologies for syntactic and semantic analysis of dialogues.
May 2020
Localization of service in 23 countries
September 2020
The audience of the service is more than 12 million people.
By the end of 2019, we plan to reach a stable profit, and by 2020, we expect significant growth. Entrance to the profit zone will allow us to fulfill the obligations for the redemption of tokens.
Token mechanics
We are selling DateCoin (DTC) tokens to to raise funds for the project development and scaling of an existing successful business model.
DateCoin is designed to provide each token holder with clear and favorable conditions.
Token buyers are given unique access to the best girls from all over world under special conditions.
Low risk investment in the development of a successful business model
Get special privileges and unlimited access to the service using DTC
Sell DTC back to DateCoin and take part in the company's revenue
DTC buyback
DateCoin gives DTC holders the opportunity to sell
tokens in the buyback program
Starting from the fourth quarter of 2018, we plan to spend 20% of the
revenue for token buyback monthly
For more details about the DTC buyback program, see White Paper
DateCoin growth factors
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Token Generation Event
DTCs are Ethereum based tokens.
They are sold in Ether and BitCoin smart contracts in several steps.
The price of DTC is nominated in Ether and 1 DTC=0.00025 ETH
PreSale – November 2017
Crowdsale – March 2018.
65% DTC for crowdsale.
20% DTC are blocked for the team on a smart contract for 1 year.
8% DTC for remuneration of the qualified consultants.
4% DTC for marketing and token listing.
2% DTC for a bounty campaign.
1% DTC for contingencies.
Cap on crowdfunding
PreSale: € 550 000
Soft cap: € 3 500 000
Hard cap: TBAL.
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Telegram channel.
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Fund disclosure
Depending on the volume of funds raised, we plan three scenarios for project development. In the most intensive scenario, the audience of our application will reach 20 million users in 29 countries by 2021. The active expansion of the project around the world will require significant costs for marketing and product promotion.
Development 27%
IOS Advertising 18%
Android Advertising 18%
Mobile Web Advertising 12%
Web Advertising 6%
General advertising 6%
Promotion 8%
Operation 3%
Legal 2%
Our Team
The DateCoin team has strong competencies and extensive experience in development of modern IT projects, use of intelligent systems and UX design, as well as in successful product positioning and sales. Today, our professional team has more than 20 staff members qualified for Internet marketing, design and development, artificial intelligence and big data processing, etc
Nikita Anufriev
Founder & CEO
Aleksey Sinitsin
Co-founder & investment director
Maksim Kozlov
СТО & Chief crypto officer
Elena Platonova
Marketing manager
Dmitry Starostin
Product director
Eugene Alferov
Traffic Manager
Dmitry Gritsenko
Localization project manager
+ 20 more
Our advisors
Igor Karavaev
Co-founder and advisor of several ico projects at blockchain, ex-executive director of the Skolkovo Foundation, a leading Russian startup business incubator, ex-director for strategy and business development in the largest Russian corporations.
An advisor and a co-counsel of Mei & Mark LLP, US, and an advisor of Shu Jin Law Firm, China, an advisor of Asia Equity Exchange, a legal advisor of several trade associations. He has rich experience in international litigation, managed various teams of about 70 lawyers in 19 countries and regions for nearly 10 years globally. Has an experience in advising international clients and consulting more than 10 ICO projects.